The resurrection of Johnny Depp; a year ago he seemed to be on the wane

A year ago, Johnny Depp seemed emotionally and professionally bankrupt. He had lost the defamation trial against The Sun newspaper in England and the accusation of Amber Heard against him for family violence haunted him to the point that his career seemed to stop after his participation in the movie “Fantastic Beasts: the crimes of Grindewald”.

Between both problems, Johnny began to look physically emaciated and came to appear publicly in his characteristic disheveled attire but with obvious problems, for example, in his teeth. His yellowish smile was not the one he is used to from his fans. It is the time when he wanders around Europe to promote Puffins, an animation project produced in Italy and financed in Serbia.

The article published in “The Washington Post”, in which Amber Heard did not mention him but narrated the situation of violence that he had allegedly experienced, Johnny Depp’s reputation seemed irreparable.

In some appearances, the actor was even seen with signs of being overweight, very different from the image that was had of him.

When he broke out in Hollywood in the early 90s, Johnny became a sensual symbol, not only because of his appearance, but also his attitude that was associated with the idea of ​​the rebel without a cause but successful, famous and with an adorable girlfriend: Winona Ryder .

It is the time of “Young Scissorhands”, the film that marked the career of Johnny Depp for the close collaboration he had with the genius of Tim Burton.

Johnny Depp’s acting growth was uneven but reached another high point when he reteamed with Burton for the film “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber,” in which he was no longer the young actor but a mature star.

That was in 2009 and there was very little left for Johnny’s life to turn around towards scandals and problems. In 2011, he met Amber Heard in the film “Rum Diary”, and at some point they began to feel mutual attraction, despite the fact that they were both in a relationship.

In 2013, the romance between Heard and Depp was uncovered. Johnny separated from Vanessa Paradise and gave himself up to a relationship that culminated in a religious wedding on her island.

But once married, the couple’s problems increased and as mutual accusations of violence filtered through, Johnny Depp’s appearance was increasingly that of a physically handicapped man.

Already during the trial in the United States for defamation against Amber, Johnny tried to always appear well groomed, although his fans did not miss the fact that he had problems controlling his weight again.