the rights of beneficiaries recalculated in January, here are the reasons

Like all other organizations, CAF is no exception to the rule. At the slightest change in status, you must notify them.

CAF as you’ve never read it!

Registered with the CAF, you do not have to blush or be afraid to admit it to those around you. Indeed, like Loana, France offers help in order to meet your needs. Moreover, when the big winner of the first season of loft story revealed that she received the RSA, it creates a stir. Who would have thought that she squandered her kitty at the speed of light? His fans are hallucinating while his haters are rubbing their hands. What a funny paradox!

Nevertheless, this teach a lesson. In these times of health, economic and energy crisis, no one, including the giants of the CAC 40 or influencers, is immune to disaster. This is why, in the future, we must show humility. Let us try as much as possible to make a hasty judgment towards our neighbour. Very clever whoever can say that he will never need with a push of the CAF. Also, in order not to bring bad luck, it is advisable to take stock of his situation. Each month of January, we consider that it is an opportunity to set the record straight.

It’s your turn !

Since the pandemic, the number of divorces has increased visibly. Confining them to marriages or the birth of children, this type of data is stagnating. This is why, instead of concealing the truth from CAF, do not hesitate to ask for a appointment with a specialist. Benevolent and mastering the allowances at your fingertips, he will provide you with additional information on those that concern you.

Then if you have changed job or status, your bank account suffers the consequences. This is why it can affect your monthly CAF statement. in full retrainingwe don’t always know, but this is also valid if you have the way to school.

Everything ends up being known!

You understood it without being drawn, CAF has a crystal ball and has more than one trick up its sleeve. Having connections with other official bodies (Pôle emploi, Trésor Public, Ursaaf, etc.), she knows perfectly well the difficulties encountered by the French. Consequently, during this zone of turbulence, it puts a point of honor to support everyone. In return, she asks them to play the transparency map.

Certainly, from time to time, some buzz hits the headlines. We think in particular of the data disclosure of a few thousand recipients. Rest assured, this kind of case is so rare that it really does not deserve to be fussed about. Every year, in the greatest secrecy, CAF reviews his copy. News, change of ceiling and update of the criteria for obtaining, it is better to stay connected to Objeko to get the details. We tell you so see you soon for other adventures!