The risky photographs of Karol G’s sister with which she defies the restrictions of Instagram

Catherine Giraldo is the half sister of Carol G that already exceeds 100,000 followers on its official Instagram account. It is that the young woman, although she is not dedicated to the world of music, she has managed to win and make her own way in the field of influencers and entrepreneurs, since she has a food place in Colombia.

Although their relationship is not the best or the most fluid, the blonde publicly defended Carol G when she was attacked with a suit by a follower. “Too bad for you, but things are not as they appear to be. To begin with, the drink was not alcohol, much less I am a fan of Yailin, clearly if I was in Provence it is because I went to enjoy Karol’s company. I got a little emotional and threw water on it, and yes, it’s disrespectful and I apologize to everyone, especially the singer. We all have mistakes, “said the accused girl.