The risky top of Daniela Aránguiz that took all eyes

Daniela Aranguiz He turned 37 a few days ago and he has celebrated it in a big way. Friends, disco, pool party and lots of good music have been the ideal condiments for a good celebration. Someone whom he invited but did not go, was his ex Jorge Valdivia. “And there are others that I invited and were not, like my ex-husband,” he said in Zona de Estrellas.

“He went to taxi with the brother and the mines that the brother puts in him” she launched visibly upset Daniela. This is not new since some time ago Sergio Rojas revealed that Jorge Valdivia’s mother had kicked him out of his house because “she got bored that Jorge Valdivia and Claudio (his brother) arrived at 5 in the morning, all of them up late, of glasses, in quite deplorable conditions”.