The Rock is in mourning; the music world fires Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters

Last Friday, a few hours before appearing at Bogotathe drummer of the iconic rock band Foo Fighters, taylor hawkinspassed away and still unknown reasons.

The band was in charge to make known the death and announced that the presentation at Stereo Picnic Festivalon Colombiait would be cancelled.

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“His spirit musical and his contagious laugh will continue with us“wrote the band in a brief releasewhere they also expressed that their hearts are with the Taylor’s wife and children.

This is how the music world reacted

After discovering the deathvarious music world artists mourned the death of drummer.

Iconic music artists like Ozzy Osbourn, Mick Jagger and Ringo Starr dedicated through their social media a few words to hawkins familyin addition to recognizing the great person who was the drummer.

Other artists like Gene Simmonsthe guitarist Tom Morello and the band Guns N’ Roses published a few words after the death of the drummer.

In the case of Latin American artists, the Colombian singer Juanes and the mexican Pepe Aguilar They lamented on their social networks death of the drummer.

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For its part, the Embassy of the United States in Bogota I regret the death of Taylor Hawkins and they expressed their condolences to relatives already the fans.