The romantic gesture of Gabriel Soto to Sara Corrales that confirms the break with Irina Baeva (PHOTO)

For months it has been speculated that the romance between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva came to an end with the appearance of a third person on the scene: Sara Corrales.

The actress is his co-star in the telenovela My way is to love you what would have served to bring together celebrities who developed a strong attraction.

In fact, the Russian stopped publishing photos with the Mexican and although they maintain before the media that they are still together, each time the relationship becomes colder between them.

Contrary to the connection between Gabriel Soto and Sara Corrales, who say they get along wonderfully and that he has even been winning her over by sending her flowers.

Precisely, of that good chemistry there is already evidence on social networks and it is that a few days ago the Colombian was on her birthday. The actor celebrated this special date by his side, being captured very happy and hugged, unleashing many reactions in this regard.

There are those who say that it is the definitive demonstration that between the two there is a relationship due to the chemistry and complicity that they squandered.

Sara Corrales and Gabriel Soto

Sara Corrales herself shared on her Instagram account the photos and videos of the celebration that the production of the soap opera organized for her, where you can see that they sang to him the mornings and received the affection of the also protagonist of Single with daughters. It was also speculated that he would have given him an arrangement for his day.

Sara Corrales and Gabriel Soto

“What better way to celebrate my birthday than with work and surrounded by such wonderful people, who filled me with their immense love. I adore you all,” wrote the model.

“Gabriel bought bouquets of beautiful flowers and the dressing room was full, even Sara couldn’t get in because it was full of red roses, which are those of love. In addition, it was full of boxes, of gifts”detailed a source close to Univision.