The route of the Santa Cruz carnival corso

Undoubtedly, this corso from Santa Cruz will be different, due to all the circumstances that have preceded the party. However, the The Cruceña Association of Carnival Comparsas (ACCC) wants joy to prevail above all things and the safety of both the public and that of the comparseros.

For this, they designed the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Foundation plan, a tribute to the city on its 461st anniversary. It all starts at 18:00 at the cambodromo. At that time the folkloric ballets are scheduled to come out; then, the female and traditional comparsas, Dayana I is expected to start the tour at 10:00 p.m.

The route has undergone a modification, because before it started in the sixth and ended in the fourth ring of the cambodromo.

The ACCC has announced that, to enter to see the show, the public must carry the vaccination card and wear a mask. There will be several points with alcohol to disinfect your hands.