The rules that the mothers of the Royal Family must follow

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- If motherhood is already difficult, imagine having to follow a series of protocols and labels as part of the demands of the Royal House that all women must comply with.

From clothing, the way they should behave in public and even the custody of children are part of the “instructions” that every mother must comply with whether she likes it or not.

queen first

The new mum cannot announce her pregnancy to her family or friends before the queen, so she must refrain from breaking protocol. The monarch will be the first to find out about the new member of the family.

The custody

All royal children belong to the queen and not their parents. It is said that this is one of the reasons why many women decide not to divorce since it is the royal family to whom the children formed by the couple “belong”.

Strict dress code

Moms can not get out of the protocol established by the queen, since it is established what a royal baby can and cannot wear. That is, boys must wear shorts until they are eight years old and girls only dresses.

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It does not matter if the mother is a believer or not, everyone, without exception, must be baptized by the church.

In addition, clothing is also part of the protocol, so all babies must wear the same outfit, which has been passed down from generation to generation since Queen Victoria’s first child. An exact replica is currently used because the original is already very fragile.


Children’s food should be as natural as possible and made at home, no processed and packaged products. The advantage of this rule is that mothers have chefs at their disposal who are in charge of preparing balanced dishes.

etiquette rules

All children should take etiquette classes to know how to sit at the table, how to hold silverware or drink water. Children must know how to behave in public.

Not scream

Like every child, there comes a stage where everything is a tantrum, so royal moms cannot despair or “lose their minds”. Mothers must be very subtle to calm the child in crisis because they are prohibited from yelling at them or talking loudly.

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nothing to pamper

Pampering children in public is completely prohibited. Pampering, hugging or pampering excessively, even in private, is not considered appropriate since, according to the rules, it does not help a balanced education that forges them for a future under pressure. Nor can you use any kind of pet name in public.