the sad moment that Mary Méndez went through for a hard loss

Mary Méndez, one of the main presenters of the television program The netsurprised all his followers a few weeks ago and shared the delicate health situation that one of his pets was going through.

Through Instagram stories, the samaria stated that her cat Frida Sofía was hospitalized because she presented some physical injuries. Also, she apologized to her fans because she had them quite “forgotten”.

“I don’t talk much about personal issues here, but when it comes to my little animals it is different. You all know Frida Sofía, because she is sick and I have her hospitalized. Let’s see what happens”, indicated the businesswoman on that occasion.

Many of his followers, however, recently asked him again how he was feeling and if he wanted to talk about his pet, since it had been a while since he shared the news.

Given the rain of messages that reached her, the presenter of Caracol Television decided to break the silence and revealed that the cat died two months ago. In addition, she dedicated some emotional words to him.

“Thanks for your interest, to know about my princess. I do not feel or feel at that moment the desire to share with anyone the immense pain that her departure caused me ”, initially noted.

Mendez then added: “I let her go with my infinite love for her, so that she could be free from suffering. I haven’t been able to have her physically for almost two months, but she lives and will live in my soul forever. I love you, my daughter.”

The samaria businesswoman finally received dozens of messages of support from her fans, whom she thanked once again for keeping an eye on her in recent weeks.

On the other hand, the presenter recently announced that the Instagram account of her organic and healthy food company was stolen. Apparently, she appeared with another image and another language.

The company, which goes by the name Fit Cook, markets bakery products under the guise of giving people “healthy breads.” The venture has borne fruit and has become the distributor of several stores in the country.

However, Mary Méndez asked her thousands of followers for help to give her a hand by denouncing the business profile that has more than 200,000 followers. “My account was ‘hacked’! Please help me report her.”he indicated at the time.

In the publication it can be seen that the presentation of the profile had been changed. She had a photo of a woman sitting in a chair in the light of the public space; apparently, this person would be the one who took the account, and she intended to adapt it personally, since in the description she offered online therapy services.

“Your reaction was immediate. Every day I say it: ‘I have angels everywhere’. I assure you that you are represented in many of them”, concluded.

Although she did not tell how she did it, the presenter samaria was able to recover the profile of her enterprise, close sources stated that those responsible for this hack They would have communicated with her to reach an economic agreement.