The Santa Cruz Mercantile Foundation – You Can Believe turns a decade old and wants many more years to continue changing lives

PHOTOS: Jorge Gutierrez

With a spectacular view of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, on the 27th floor of the MSC Business Tower, an elegant cocktail was held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Santa Cruz Mercantile Foundation – You Can Believe.

The occasion led to the meeting of the executives of the foundation promoted by the Santa Cruz Mercantile Bank and of the representatives of the institutions and individuals who benefited from their multiple programs
of social support.

But not everything was a celebration, the evening also served to reaffirm its commitment to Bolivian society and launch the campaign “10 years changing lives”, that will spread stories of overcoming.

Therefore, to celebrate, the directors and executives of the BMSC,
Darko Zuazo, Percy Áñez and Hernán Gonzalesraised their glasses for many years and more projects.

Among many acknowledgments and acknowledgments that his guests brought, he highlighted that of Davosan, who got the necessary backing to open the Hemodialysis Center which to date has helped more than 9,000 people with kidney disease.

Hernán Gonzales (Social Responsibility manager), Darko Zuazo (president of the BMSC board) and Percy Áñez (director BMSC)

Gabriela Oviedo, who was the master of ceremonies for the event,
together with Hernán Gonzales, manager of Social Responsibility

Fathers Andrzej Borowiec and Nicolás Castellanos

Maria Ingrid Aguilera, Maria Olivia Vaca Diez, Mariano
Aguilera and Mauricio Wende

Ricardo Soria and Ivo Kuljis

Miguel Nieme, Jose Pena, Mariana Nunez, and Carlos Nayar

Gabriela Schrupp, Andrea Urquidi and Carolina Suarez

Carla Paz, Nicole Nostas, Juan Carlos Rivero and Ariadna Gil

Scarlet Benavides, Rosalina Roca, Ricardo Gómez and Natalia Méndez Roca

Hannibal Casanova, Mariola Benavent and Luis Fernando Loayza

Fernando Monasterio and Jimmy Nieme

Sandra Parada, María Belén Fortún, Jorge Áñez and Alan Botello

Sara Fuertes and Lenka Nemer