The Santa Cruz Vanessa Salas restores lives through sports

By Maria Jose Rojas

The dedication to service is inherited; while the love of training, homegrown. The combination is extraordinary and transformative.

vanessa saenzthe daughter of the well-known apostle Marcelo Salas, of the Christian Church Time of Changehas formed a growing community on Instagram, which was born with the aim of “restoring the lives of many women through sports and thus giving them back their value.”

to their 21 yearsit is sports coach, motivational and speaker and adds 15 thousand followers on Instagram, to whom he leads by example about dreams, health and, above all, faith in God and in oneself.

for a better version

He was introduced to the world of sports at the age of 18, during his high school year, when he enrolled in functional boxing, high intensity cardio hit and kick boxing coursesbecoming South American champion.

With the experience gained and the image of her father as a benchmark of service and solidarity, Vanessa and her brother Pierre decided to set up challenges and training routines designed for women. The acceptance of the public and the gratitude of their “students” exceeded all expectations.

“We work in regenerate your self-esteem and build together with them a community of women where self-esteem and personal growth come first”, she says.

As the greatest profit from his work he cites the satisfaction of seeing more and more healthy and happy women who join not only from Bolivia, but from other unimaginable countries.

a life of faith

He grew up in a family of faith, his parents Marcelo Salas and Carmen Saenzand her siblings, Pierre and Bruna, attend church.

As a “faithful daughter” she also dedicates herself preach the word of God. doWhat guides my life? Why am I here on earth? and discovering the best of me are some of the conferences what has he given for crowds a his young age.

But each publication also it is an opportunity for evangelization. “You are the image of God. You are unique and perfect in your own way…”, it is read in some of his posts deeper.

Parallel to sport, Vanessa andstudy law and plan to study a master’s degree in Political Sciences. And it is that in a future not very distant would like to delve into the arenas of politics and reach be president.

For now, it will continue to work with his community, because he believes that the future has a woman’s face.