The scare Angelina Jolie suffered while visiting Ukraine

LEOPOLIS, UKRAINE.- The actress Angelina Jolie She experienced the horrors of war firsthand during her recent visit to Ukraine when she was forced to run for cover from the threat of Russian bombardment of the city of Lviv.

Jolie was visiting a shelter in the European country when she had to immediately run to safety when she heard sirens warning of possible missile attacks.

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The actress had to be transferred to a safe place after her visit to Lviv, which was threatened by the possible attack of the invading Russian forces.

Although it was all a scare, the actress who recently starred in Eternals grabbed the headlines and caused a stir on social networks, where videos can be seen showing the moment when she appears escorted by a security team while air raid alarms sound in the background.

Even in the images you can see that while many citizens begin to be alarmed, Angelina Jolie and her team remain calm and even take the time to greet and ensure that their fans are well.


Since 2012, the 46-year-old actress has been working as a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugeesbut for this occasion his visit was for personal interest, with the aim of being able to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The Oscar winner paid a surprise visit to Lviv, where she shared with the inhabitants and could be seen playing with children and visiting cafes and train stations.

During February, the month in which the Russian invasion began, the star spoke out in favor of Ukraine, sending prayers for its inhabitants from Instagram and joining support campaigns.

“As many of you are praying for the people in Ukraine, my focus as well as that of my colleagues in the shelters is that everything possible be done to ensure the protection and basic human rights of the displaced and refugees in the region.” , he pointed out.

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