The sensual dance of Dua Lipa that revolutionized the networks

Dua Lipa once again demonstrated what a goddess she is on stage with a hot dance that revolutionized social networks and “broke the Internet”.

In the video that circulates on different platforms, you can see the British singer dressed in a silver top and mini, singing and dancing next to the microphone in a very sensual way.

The sexy dance of the interpreter of “New Rules” was during the concert she offered at the LoveStream Festival held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The video went viral and in a short time it had more than 19 million views, generating all kinds of repercussions: comments, compliments, memes and more. “Dua Lipa I pray to you at all times”, “Dua Lipa’s video is addictive. It makes me feel things that confuse me”, read some messages that can be read on the networks.

It is worth mentioning that in the beginning the 26-year-old artist was heavily criticized for not having good stage management, something she obviously worked a lot on because she currently performs very well and surprises. On this occasion, she surprised the world by slowly descending to the floor in front of the microphone stand, without stopping moving her hips and interpreting one of her hits.