The series More beautiful life stops definitively on France 3

After 18 seasons and over 4500 episodes, More beautiful life will bid farewell. According to information from Parisian, France Télévisions announced to the teams of the cult soap opera that the series would soon end. Information that is not new since Le Figaro had already revealed last February that the public service was thinking of putting an end to More beautiful life, due to declining audiences. However, the news had yet to be officially delivered to the teams, leaving the door open for a last-minute renewal. The period of doubt has recently come to an end.

Filmed in Marseilles where more than 600 intermittent workers collaborated regularly, the series broadcast since August 30, 2004 has long been able to count on a very loyal community of viewers. The first seasons were sometimes able to bring together up to 6.5 million fans, gradually establishing themselves as a staple of the small screen. In recent years, audiences have continued to decline, falling below the symbolic bar of 3 million viewers. “This pioneering and emblematic soap opera has become the longest-running daily French series in history and a strong brand of France 3,” France Télévisions said when announcing the end of the series. More beautiful life, considering that changes were necessary in the program schedule. Faced with the disappointment of the collaborators, the media group would have promised to continue to produce mini-series and TV films within the Marseille city.


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