The similarities between Cardi B and Yailín La Más Viral

Cardi B is a renowned American artist with international fame and Yailin la Más Viral is an emerging singer and dancer from the Dominican Republic who achieved greater fame in recent times after partnering with Anuel AA. What do both have in common? Why do many fans assume they look alike? Here are four reasons:

Just like Cardi B; Yailin chose a person from the same artistic world to develop her love bond. In the case of the interpreter of “WAP” she had children with the rapper Offset; while the Dominican singer and dancer chose another rapper and rag-picker as her love, but in her Latin case: Anuel AA from Puerto Rico.

Like Cardi B, Yailin La Más Viral has striking curves and boasts them on social networks. Both have gone through the operating room with cosmetic touch-ups that gave them a radical change to their figure.

Like Cardi B, Yailin La Más Viral is not afraid of controversy and is willing to play the game of exposure in order to gain more fame. Both artists have been strong when it comes to starring in rivalries, such as the remembered feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Yailin recently showed her discontent with Karol G, the former partner of her new boyfriend Anuel AA.

Both artists come from humble homes, however they believed in art to get ahead and managed to climb to the point where today they show luxury lives wearing expensive brand clothes and comforts that not everyone has access to.