the simplest white manicure by Nicola Peltz

the most ideal white manicure by nicola peltz

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

      In a matter of trend manicures, this 2023 minimalist designs win the game, starring ocher tones, chocolate browns, garnets, dark blues… And, although at first it is not an option that we would take into account at the time to polish our nails at this time of year, white enamel that we usually associate with summer can also be incredibly flattering. We talk about the ice nails that Nicola Peltz has just worn and that have entered our list of favorites directly.

      When it comes to polishing her nails with the most flattering designs, Nicola Peltz goes all-in on the classics, especially the French manicure, one of her favorite options (she recently wore a version called ‘Blizzard French’ that won us over). Now, the ‘influencer’ has once again placed herself in the hands of his trusted manicurist, Tom Bachik, who has enameled his nails in a white tone snow-like which you will have a hard time resisting. He has won us over by his yessimplicity, originality and elegance, not to mention the touch of luminosity that it brings to the hands. Warning: you are going to feel a crush.

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      We know that, at first, that white manicure in winter didn’t sound very convincing to you, but why did you change your mind as soon as you saw how pretty Nicola’s is? As you have already seen, her minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic makes this trend an option perfectly compatible with short nails and also with any shape of filing (square in the case of Nicola). Have we convinced you yet? Well, take a screenshot of the ‘influencer’s’ nails and book an appointment at one of the best nail salons in Madrid.