The singer is topless

Singer Vanessa Mai is always good for a surprise. Now the 30-year-old shows herself stark naked on her Instagram account.

Over a million people now follow singer Vanessa Mai on Instagram. There she likes to show regular insights into her everyday life. Be it photos of their food, couple pictures with husband and manager Andreas Ferber, impressions of their concerts or their outfits. But these are missing on some of the new pictures that Vanessa shares with her subscribers in a small Instagram gallery.

Basically, the “Please don’t call anymore” interpreter advertises a smartphone with her contribution, writing “unpacked”, i.e. in German as much as “unpacked”. Apparently she takes that literally and poses completely naked in the third, fourth and sixth pictures. In one of the photos, she lolls towards the camera, covering her breasts with her arms. Another is deliberately out of focus and blurry.

The singer’s followers are absolutely delighted with these recordings. In less than an hour, the social media post was marked with a like almost 7,500 times. There is also a lot of encouragement for Vanessa Mai in the comments.

“I love your charisma and your self-confidence”

A user writes in the comment column: “Uhhhh, damn Vanny, I love your charisma and your self-confidence.” Another user is also enthusiastic, typing: “Nice pictures and an even more beautiful woman!” Another commented: “Madness. Such beautiful pictures.”

Most recently, Vanessa Mai also caused a musical stir because her old hit band Wolkenfrei reunited. In 2023, the singer wants to perform again with the two musicians with whom she started her career.