the singer would be the father of a baby expected by a Colombian

The Puerto Rican Anuel has given something to talk about lately and not only because of his controversial relationship with the Dominican Yailinalthough obviously she always has to do with everything that goes viral in the couple.

Now rumors say Anuel will be the father of a girl, but the surprising thing is that it is not Yailin’s firstborn.

Well, let’s remember that recently, the singer revealed her desire to be the mother of a girl And of course, he also assured that it is a desire of the Puerto Rican.

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This time it would be a Colombian who lives in the United States and who recently revealed that had an affair with the singer once he finished with Karol Gand it is that, although things with the Colombian did not work at all and they did not manage to become official before the public, the truth is that She assures that she is expecting his daughter and that the only thing she asks is that the artist take care of the baby.

What happened quickly became a scandal in the American media where, in addition, It was possible to reveal the identity of the woman and the message that she posted on her Instagram.

“Anuel will have the little baby that he wanted so much. Waiting for a princess. Counting down the days to finally meet my greatest blessing. God knew what he was doing and he couldn’t have sent you at a better time,” the posted message read.

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However, although the musician has not said anything about it, Yailin, his fiancée, wanted to send a message indirectlyand published a tender video on their social networks with the singer, in which She focuses on emphasizing her desire and desire to become a mother and have a child with Anuel.

It would be a small fan who was carried by the arms of the Dominican to take a photo, because lThe couple was approaching their car when the little girl approached and they immediately stopped.

Yailin delicately raised her while Anuel pampered the girl and looked very loving with the baby.So much so that he gently kissed her head, which immediately aroused the desire of the fans to see them as parents.

“When we have our baby,” said the description of the video. And it is that, it is not a lie that both are working to become parents, so the fact that a woman came out with the rumor of pregnancy, did not make them both move away and on the contrary increased their desire to be parents.

“Since we met, we are really trying and it hasn’t come out,” the singer would have confessed a few days ago in the middle of a live show she did on social networks, where she took the opportunity to deny all the media that claimed she was already pregnant .

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However, the news was no longer a simple rumor when sources confirmed to People En Español that the young woman involved, named Melissa Vallecilla, 28, He underwent a paternity test where the results showed 99% certainty with Anuel. Meanwhile, the Colombian is going through month number seven of the sweet wait, of the baby who would be the little sister of little Pablo Anuel.

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