The soap opera in which Mauricio Ochmann and Bárbara Mori were a couple – New Woman

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, Mauricio Ochman and Barbara Mori they have more in common than the fact that they are two of the most successful and beloved actors in Latin America.

the artists share her passion for actinghaving achieved fame in soap operas, currently being dedicated to series and movies and having millions of fans.

However, apart from all this, there is something else that unites them. And it is that both they shared leading credits in an important project in their professional career.

The melodrama that Mauricio Ochmann and Bárbara Mori starred in

In 1998, when both were taking the first steps in their careers, some very young Barbara Mori and Mauricio Ochmann met for the first time on set to headline tequila blue.

The Mexican telenovela set in the 19th century, produced by the producer of Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita for Aztec TVcaptivated the public during its more than 160 episodes.

Within the period project, the 21-year-old American heartthrob made his debut in melodramas playing the noble Santiago Berriozabal.

Meanwhile, the star of Uruguayan origin, 20 years old, and a couple of projects behind him, debuted as protagonist of novels

what was it about tequila blue?

The unforgettable fiction, written by Alfonso Acebal and Jorge Landa, focused on the conflict between Arcadius and Santiago Berriozabalboth sons of the mighty Adolfo Berriozabal.

In the plot, the brothers always fought for the love of Blue and The Concord, the tequila empire that his father promised to pass on to the son who gave him his first grandson.

Although it is Santiago whom she loves, Arcadio decides to marry her before; however, the wedding is thwarted by a peasant revolution in which his beloved is wounded and disappears.

While everyone thinks that Santiago is a coward, his brother takes refuge in La Perseverancia, where fear prevents him from preventing Azul from being kidnapped by bandits.

After being kidnapped, the young protagonist with a talent for cooking suffers all kinds of events until he meets Santiago again to fight together above all else and defend their love.

Besides chemical, Ochmann and Mori showed great talent and dedication in every scene of this novelantagonized by Rogelio Guerra, Víctor González, Fabiola Campomanes.

Likewise, in the project stills, the then new luminaries not only appear wasting their artistic talents, they also her unquestionable beauty in the flower of youth.

After working together on this project, completed in 1999, Mauricio and Barbara went their separate ways. but equally successful in the artistic medium with their respective projects.

Today, more than two decades after the premiere of tequila bluethe 44-year-old actress and actor who will turn 45 in a few months They continue to tread strongly in the world of entertainment.

Barbara Mori and Mauricio Ochmann