The Son of the Saint joins Albertano in the fight against the “monsters” – El Sol de México

Exploiting his comedic vision as a writer, Ariel Miramontes, together with his brother Carlos, José Luis Garneros and Jesús Salcedo, created Albertano against the monstersdirected and produced by André Barren.

During a recording break at the Naucalpan Arena, Ariel Miramontes tells The Sun of Mexico: “I feel very proud that with Albertano against the monsters, give continuity to my role as a writer. I did it before in Maria of all angelsand almost the entire team of Mary is now in this new project”.

Ariel affirms that, keeping her distance, she seeks to make history as they did at the time chip Y capulin either Cantinflas. “From We the handsome, I realized that the creatures follow me, and all this text is addressed to them, they are my fans; that’s why we use white humor combined with adventures”.

El Hijo del Santo, who is one of the guests in the series, assures that he always agrees to appear in productions that do not affect the image of his legend.

In the chapter, Albertan and the silver masked man will face the trio of fighters Claustrophobic Dogs of Neza; “It will be the first time they see me cry because I will not be able to defend Albertan because I have a phobia that prevents me from being his hero”, advances the fighter.

The villains of history

Olivia Collins is the Witch Casildawho chases Albertan to rip out his heart in search of eternal beauty. She says that since she was a child she brings “something of a sorceress”, so this character is ideal to return to the small screen.

Casilda She is a woman who is 400 years old. They wall her up in a convent in the 17th century and bring her into contemporary life to do their thing,” she explains.

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Maribel Guardia is lola d’bo“a character different from what I have done, which is always to do it well. Lolais sophisticated, sexy, and is meaner than the Witch Casilda“, describes.

lola d’bo She is a very rich woman, but she discovers through a book that there is a witch trapped in a convent, who has the secret of eternal youth and is obsessed with taking the witch out from behind the wall, so she buys the convent where is sandwiched Casilda.

Albertano against the monsters It airs today starting at 7:30 p.m., with three episodes on Las Estrellas.