The “spicy” list of celebrities arriving on the program was confirmed

Masterchef Celebrity became one of the most successful projects of the RCN Channel, due to the variety of content, preparations, dramas, and funny situations that were presented to the public. Each season was better than the previous one, establishing itself as one of the favorite formats of national programming.

Actresses, actors, entertainment personalities and even former beauty queens have been preparing their knowledge to fight in the most famous kitchen in the country and not be one of the first eliminated from the competition that tests the skills of the participants when it comes to cooking. convince the judges through his talent in the kitchen.

The 2023 edition had been giving clues as to who would be next to face this gastronomic challenge, so more than one made their bets to find out if the cast would be varied and compact. A few days before the start of the year, fans already received the official list of celebrities who got on the bus MasterChef Celebrity and they will face the tests of the complex competition.

MasterChef Celebrity: Participant suffered an accident in the middle of the elimination challenge
MasterChef Celebrity: the three judges of the program. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @masterchefcelebrityco

According to official information shared by the RCN Channel, Master Chef Celebrity 2023 he started the recordings in the famous kitchen of Colombian television, receiving all the celebrities who will seek to keep the biggest prize at the end of the road.

According to the list that was presented, The fifth season of the production will feature the participation of 24 celebrities, including actors, actresses, artists, content creators, comedians, former queens, and presenters.

This group starts with Francisca Estévez, remembered for her leading role in the chosen granddaughter; Julio César Herrera, member of Ugly Betty; Daniela Tapia, actress of The light of my eyes; Marcela Benjumea, famous artist of True love; Martha Isabel Bolaños, remembered for her role as ‘Pupuchurra’; Karoll Marquez, artist of Fathers and sons; Juan Pablo Barragán, member of The Law of the Heart; Luces Velasquez, actress of To love youand Biassini Segura, from chichipatos.

Also in this selection is Diego Sáenz, famous presenter and influencers; Laura Barjum, former Miss Colombia and former Vice Queen Miss Universe; Mario Ruiz, youtuber; Catalina Gúzman, comedian known as ‘La Cata con Botas’; El Negrito W, content creator; Adrian Parada; comedian; Carolina Acevedo, actress and protagonist of poor paul; Nela González, artist and member of To love you; Father Walter Zapata, priest, and Ávaro bayona, Colombian actor.

Nevertheless, This list of participants closes with the arrival of Zulma Rey, a member of the cast of clean hand; Juliana Galvis, famous actress of productions such as Analía’s revenge Y To love you; Natalia Sanint, comedian; Jairo Ordoñez, national television actor, and Crisanto Vargas Vargasvil, also a comedian.

Participants of the fifth season of the RCN program.
Participants of the fifth season of the RCN program. – Photo: Courtesy RCN Channel

The television format will once again feature the work of Jorge Rausch, Nicolás de Zubiría and Christopher Carpentier, who will return to be the jurors for the fifth edition. Each one will demand more and will once again star in particular moments with the future chefs of the project.

As expected, Claudia Bahamón, the flagship face of MasterChef Celebrity, will return to her position as presenter, once again conquering the public with her witticisms, her transparency, and the charisma she projects with each contestant.

Claudia Bahamón will return for the fifth season of the reality show.
Claudia Bahamón will return for the fifth season of the reality show. – Photo: Courtesy RCN Channel

The model also offered a few words about the start of the recordings, highlighting the talent, professionalism and effort of those behind the scenes, looking for everything to go perfectly. There she also stated how excited she was to meet other famous faces, generating a close, good relationship with each one.

“In addition to the wonderful people who work behind the scenes, an important part of the program are the participants. For me it is always a pleasure to meet new participants, new human beings who teach us, who entertain us, who give us all their love and who are willing to learn cooking.”, he pointed out on his arrival in this new season, where he will be a key piece so that the challenges and tests are fully met.

The 24 participants will travel a long and different path, preparing to demonstrate their flavors and gastronomic knowledge.

All the contestants of the fifth season.
All the contestants of the fifth season. – Photo: Courtesy RCN Channel