‘The Squid Game’ actor is accused of sexual misconduct | People | Entertainment

He is a South Korean retired soldier and actor O Yeong-suwho participated in the series the squid game (Squid Game), was accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of alleged improper touching of a woman in 2017.

The alleged victim reported the case in December last year to the police, who ended up closing it last April without filing any charges against O, 78 years old. However, the prosecution decided to reopen it and investigate the actor, who has denied the accusations during the proceedings.

Everything reported by the local media about O Yeong-su, who is not in custody, “not factually wrong”, he told the agency AFP an official with the Suwon District Procuratorate, without elaborating.

O began his acting career in the 1960s, primarily on stage, where he has worked in hundreds of Korean and Western classical theater plays.

He later joined the National Theater Company of Korea before having occasional roles in film or television.

Last January he became the first South Korean to win a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in a series for his portrayal of a seemingly vulnerable old man in the hugely successful Netflix production.

the squid game it became Netflix’s most popular series release. It drew 111 million followers in less than four weeks after its 2021 premiere and remains one of the most popular shows on the platform. (YO)