The story behind Galilea Montijo as a cabaret dancer

Luck changed completely for the presenter, who would now confirm the rumors that have accompanied her career in the show after pointing out that indeed, Galilea Montijo would be a “exotic dancer” in her past, something that the remembered “Tv Girl” denied for a long time.

Versions have been circulating for years about the way in which the “tapatia” he earned a living before fame knocked on his door, a new video circulating on YouTube would confirm these versions.

The pictures would show that the host of today if she danced in a nightclub, where Galilea Montijo herself would have ended up affirming and also explained what her job consisted of receiving the clients of the place and accompanying them to their seats.

The story behind Galilea Montijo as an exotic dancer. Photo: Capture Youtube

However, the entertainment channel on YouTube, Chisme No Like, presented evidence of the place where the Telethon host went to look for work, which is called “cucurrucucu” where they say, Martha Galilea Montijo danced in micro shorts in a “s0lo para mens”.

The presenters clarified that “gali” It was not “t3ibol3ra” itself, but it did offer some dances and the clients deposited the money in their clothes or handed it to them, this because of the need to earn money, they also emphasize, “he did not receive indecent proposals and I respected her body as much as possible.”

Therefore, the drivers emphasize that due to the need he had, The Montijo if he went to said bar to work as dancer “only”, without hooking up with any client or anything like that, they point out.

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One day the luck of the now model on the covers of “L’Officiel” and “Latina”, among others, radically changed after a witness was invited to the program.

Who assured, that she brought the presenter and another girl to a bus station, from then on, the animator of “Vida Tv” began her career on Televisa acting in soap operas as a servant.


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