The strong defense of Flavio Mendoza after the complaint for a controversial photo of his son

A strong controversy erupted after a photo taken of Flavio Mendoza and his son Dionisio completely taken out of context, whose repercussions even reached the son of Jair Bolsonaro.

The choreographer expressed all his indignation with the people who maliciously viralized the image in which he is seen with his little son. The photo was used in the form of mockery and even to criticize without any foundation flavio.

The image was so widely disseminated that it reached Eduardo Bolsonaro, who on Twitter gave his opinion, true to his style, without any type of filter or consideration of the situation taken out of context.

Tweet by Eduardo Bolsonaro.
The reprehensible tweet of Eduardo Bolsonaro.

“In one image the decadence of the West is summarized,” the deputy wrote, reprehensibly, on the social network. In addition to the unpleasant comment, being a public figure of such magnitude, the image gained even more diffusion and impact on social networks.

Under these circumstances, Flavio Mendoza He decided to use his Twitter account to make a strong defense and expresses all his fury and indignation against those who maliciously viralized the image.

“I don’t understand why there are so many people behind a keyboard doing damage. How miserable are their lives? And worse those who comment with just the fact that someone answers them. What do they get?” he said. flaviowith complete indignation.