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When everything seemed to indicate that the waters had calmed down between the two former friends, this is finally not the case. Luis Miguel he almost came to blows with Enrique Ponce after meeting in a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. It is speculated that the “encounter” would have been the “fault” of Paloma Cuevas, who arrived at the premises accompanied by the well-known “Sol de México”.

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The popular ‘Luismi’ has recently been seen together with dove caves in the streets of Bilbao and, during his stay in the city, he had a heated argument with Enrique Ponceformer partner of the fashion designer.

In Mexico they affirm that the Valencian bullfighter does not assimilate the idea that the Puerto Rican composer, who is his compadre for his good “luck”, maintains a sentimental relationship with his ex-wife.

According to the latest edition of the “Hoy” program, Fabián Lavalle said that Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas attended a luxurious restaurant where they lavished love, but Enrique Ponce was in the same establishment.

According to the information provided by the Mexican press, ‘Luismi’ would have approached Ponce’s table to greet him, but the bullfighter’s reaction was not as expected. What happened? He spilled a glass of wine over her.

Other witnesses affirm that the glass of wine fell to the ground and there was a whole scandal. What is certain is that the bodyguards of the popular “Sol de México” intervened so that they did not come to blows.

Why are Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce compadres?

As recalled, the romance between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas was uncovered in July 2022, two years after the fashion designer ended her relationship with her ex-husband, Enrique Ponce.

The Valencian bullfighter would have been unfaithful with Ana Soria and this was decisive for them to ‘cut sticks’. So why are they compadres? Ponce and Cuevas are godparents at the baptism of one of the children that the Puerto Rican singer had with the actress Aracely Arámbula.

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