The success of “Avatar 2” will allow James Cameron to make three more sequels

The director announced in an interview that he will be able to sign the other three sequels to his saga thanks to the worldwide success of The Way of the Water.

James Cameron, who was not sure of being able to direct all the episodes of his saga Avatarsaid he would be able to achieve his dream thanks to the success of The Way of the Water. Released in mid-December, the film is already the ninth biggest hit of all time, grossing over $1.5 billion.

“I feel like with the success the movie is having right now that it will probably be profitable in the next few days. So I’m not going to be able to cut it. I’m going to have to do the other sequels,” said- he said, tongue-in-cheek, on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? on HBO Max. And the director to add:

“I know what I’m going to be doing for the next six or seven years. What I’m saying is it’s going to be okay. We’ll be talking to the Disney pundits soon aboutAvatar 3, which is already rotated. We are in full post-production. And Avatar 4 and 5 are already written. And part of 4 is turned.”

“Avatar 3” in 2025

“We started a franchise. We started a saga that will be told in several films”, adds James Cameron. The director has already announced that the third installment, scheduled for 2025, will explore a new tribe of Na’avi of fire, the “people of the ashes”.

Last month, James Cameron announced, somewhat jokingly, that The Way of the Water needed to raise at least $2 billion at the box office to break even. The first Avatar won a record $2.9 billion.

Avatar- The Way of the Water takes place more than a decade after the events of the first film. When Colonel Miles Quaritch returns to Pandora, Jake Sully, his wife Neytiri, and their four children are forced to leave the forest for the reefs, where the Metkayina live, who warily welcome them.