The success of Cristiano Ronaldo is his philosophy of life

The success of Cristiano Ronaldo is his philosophy of life. Without a doubt, the soccer star surprises us by sharing not only some of his best phrases of self-love that promote health in oneselfbut by making us aware that success is achieved when it is set as the final objective.

the portuguese footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester United, at 37 years old, he is a symbol of constant improvementnot only personally but also working alongside his teammates, a situation that has made him one of the most recognized footballers in the world.

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During an interview, a driver he asks CR7 if he has a psychologistbut immediately responds negatively; however, he adds: “No, I am my own psychologist.”

But Cristiano Ronaldo continues the interview arguing: “I am my own nutritionist, I am my own doctor, you know.” In the TikTok video, he even asks himself “obviously I have people to help me? sure yes, smarter people who know, but I am also intelligent at that point of knowing that you have to command yourself”.

In the interview, the soccer star answers himself totally consistent with his convictions: “You know, you have to deal with yourself because if you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t do things right, you will be crushed, but I know how to distinguish that well”. In addition, it highlights the importance of taking others into account.

Christian admits that a great ally that has given him experience is time: “With the people who are also around you, who help you, advise you. You just don’t learn if you don’t want to.” For these words of encouragement they are not the only ones that the Portuguese has sustained.

In multiple interviews or through his social networks, he shares that the key to success depends on work: “It is the most important thing for me. Nothing is achieved without work. Life is a puzzle and every day there is a new piece to add. To be successful we must have rules and discipline. If there is no commitment and dedication, no matter how much talent you have, you will not be able to win”.

Cristiano admits that to achieve the goals sacrifices must be made, since also being a footballer, physical care must be maintained. “I don’t dedicate myself to training exclusively, but I do things to be better, to keep myself at a good level…”.

In this sense, he highlights: “You have to give up other things. There are many temptations. It is very difficult. More in the culture in which we live…”. Without a doubt, the Portuguese has achieved worldwide recognition thanks to his dedication and philosophy of life.

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