“The sun always rises for everyone”

Carolina Cruz was at the center of different news on social networks, due to a series of details that she revealed about her personal life. The presenter opened the doors to her privacy, recounting moments and anecdotes that marked her past.

Weeks ago, the Valle del Cauca woman caught the attention of more than one curious person on digital platforms with an interview she gave to Eva Rey, for her format Get naked with Eva Rey. The presenter of Day to day she uncovered details of her privacy and her intimate life, recounting moments that marked her process as a mother and the break with the actor.

The presenter talked about the relationship she has with the actor and clarified if they tried to reconcile.
The presenter talked about the relationship she has with the actor and clarified if they tried to reconcile. – Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio – @lincpal

Once this topic was put aside, the eyes of the curious were perched on the publications of the celebrity, who also assured that at this moment in his life he was meeting someone. Carolina Cruz did not provide details about it, but she did show that she is happy and enjoying the situations that appear along the way.

Recently, Carolina Cruz caught the attention of her fans on Instagram, after using her official account to share an unexpected post in which she sent a forceful message about finding a new love. The model emphasized a phrase that she saw, stating that she loved these words and considered them very real.

“While many think that you will not find someone again for being a mother of two, I enjoy how they kiss my cesarean scars”, uffff, I loved this phrase, so real, so true, the sun always rises for everyone”, she wrote, alluding to those who believe that by being a mother she would not find a new person who loves her and wants her in the same way.

Women we should be proud of our body and more, of its scars”, he added, focusing on advising those people who do not feel that self-love and have a complex about their bodies.

Several people reacted to Cruz’s message, assuring that he was right and that it was an indirect way of confirming that in his present he is enjoying a loving relationship with someone.

Carolina Cruz's mischievous blouse that stole the show in 'Día a día'
Carolina Cruz was happy to talk about her present and her plans for the future. – Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio

Carolina Cruz revealed how her eldest son assimilated the separation with Lincoln Palomeque

In the dialogue with Eva Rey, the Spanish took the opportunity to ask the former beauty queen how the process was specifically with Matías, her eldest son. The journalist wanted to know if at any point the minor asked his mother about the breakup or if he was interested in the two celebrities reconciling.

“I go jumping around, but effectively everything about Lincoln is healed. Matías, who is more aware of everything, has he ever said: ‘why aren’t they together, why don’t they come back’?” the journalist asked, to which she added: “I have friends who tell me that the children are Sometimes they ask for that.

Carolina Cruz assured that this had not happened, since her son understood very well what was happening with his parents and only asked a few questions related to the role of Palomeque and her in his life. The presenter did affirm that it was not easy for her, but Matías left her speechless with the reaction he had.

The model talked about the personal process she had with her little son, Matías, once she told him that she was separating from Lincoln Palomeque.
The model talked about the personal process she had with her little son, Matías, once she told him that she was separating from Lincoln Palomeque. – Photo: Screenshot of YouTube channel Desnúdate con Eva

“No, you know not. Look, when I went to tell Matías what was happening with us, I didn’t know how to tell him. That’s why I think kids are amazing teachers, because I was like, ‘My God, how am I going to tell him, how am I going to explain to him?’“, said.

“I organized the jacuzzi for him, I gave him aromatherapy, I put his dinosaurs on him, he did a whole protocol for him. I started to explain to her and when I told her, she turned to look at me and said: ‘And you were worried about that?’ ”, She added in her story.

The model expressed how the explanation she gave the child was, emphasizing that everything was better between them as friends, so she should not believe that courtships were “boring.”

“Yor I told him: ‘Look, it turns out that dad and mom are always going to be mom and dad, but many times couples, there are some who get along very well as boyfriends, but others who get along better as friends. Your dad and I understand each other better as friends than as boyfriends.‘” he commented.

“So he would say to me: ‘Oh, yes, it’s just that being boyfriends is very boring, right, Mom?’, and I mentioned to him: ‘No, my love, it’s not boring’, so I gave him examples of couples who got along super well, but I emphasized that the father and I flowed more like friends”, he added to his anecdote.

Finally, the presenter of Day to day He indicated that in the conversation with his son he was surprised, since the minor reacted in a very understandable way and accepted the news of the separation in a good way. The Colombian pointed out that the only thing the little one focused on was knowing if she or Lincoln Palomeque would stop being her parents.

“He told me: ‘Ah, ok, mommy’, and that’s when I explained to him that there were trips that I couldn’t be on, but dad could, and others where dad couldn’t be, but mom will be. . Then he asked me: ‘But aren’t you going to stop being my mom and my dad isn’t going to stop being my dad?’, to which I said no.”, revealed the former queen.

“‘And that worried you?’, that’s how she answered me, and I was like (bewildered face)”, she added, pointing out that she has always believed that her firstborn has an old soul because of all the learning that she gives him .