The Sussexes reject apology from The Sun

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan do not accept an apology from The Sun newspaper for a hateful article about the Duchess of Sussex.


the essentials in brief

  • Meghan and Prince Harry did not accept The Sun’s apology.
  • According to the Sussexes, it’s more of a PR stunt.

A spokesman for Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) did not accept an apology from the British tabloid “The Sun” for a hateful article by moderator Jeremy Clarkson (62). The public apology was “just a PR stunt,” the Sussexes said on Saturday.

This is reported, among other things, by “The Guardian”. Clarkson wrote in an opinion piece last weekend that he “hates” Prince Harry’s wife. The play prompted a record number of complaints to the UK Press Council.

Duchess Meghan not directly contacted

“The fact that ‘The Sun’ has not contacted the Duchess of Sussex to apologize shows her intent. This is nothing but a PR stunt, »said the spokesman for the royal couple literally.

The public “absolutely deserves the regret of the newspaper for the dangerous comments. But we wouldn’t be in this situation if The Sun didn’t continually exploit and capitalize on hatred, violence and misogyny.”

The Sussexes went on to say, according to the Guardian, “A true apology would be to change all of their reporting and their ethical standards.” The spokesman added with little confidence: “Unfortunately, we do not expect too much in this regard”.

“The Sun” had publicly apologized for hate articles

The TV presenter Clarkson (“Top Gear”), known as a provocateur, caused outrage in Great Britain when he wrote in “The Sun”. He “dreams of the day when [Herzogin Meghan] being paraded naked through every town in Britain. While the crowd shouted ‘Shame!’ shouts and throws excrement at them».

The article generated a record number of complaints to the UK Press Council, over 20,000.

The Sun published an apology on Friday. She explains that the opinion piece has been removed from the newspaper’s website and archives. Moderator Clarkson also rowed back on Monday, December 19, but like “The Sun” did not apologize directly to Duchess Meghan.

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