“The Swimmers” on Netflix: the incredible true story behind the film

The film “Les Nageuses”, which has just been released on Netflix, tells the journey of two Syrian sisters who fled a country at war and found themselves swimming across the Mediterranean. A truly moving true story.

Available since November 23 on Netflix, the film Swimmers tells the incredible epic of Yusra and Sarah Mardini, two Syrian sisters who fled their country at war by swimming across part of the Mediterranean Sea.

After a long journey through Europe, the two sisters find refuge in Germany where Yusra, a professional swimmer, will manage to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016, followed by those of Tokyo 5 years later, within the Refugee Olympic Team. A true storyadapted for the screen by Sally El Hosaini.

The Mardini sisters’ journey begins in 2015, when they decide to leave war-torn Syria, reluctantly leaving their parents and little sister behind. Trying to reach Europe, they embark on a small inflatable boat with about twenty other passengers. But the boat, overloaded, breaks down in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

For several hours, Yusra and Sarah will swim alongside the boat until they reach the shore, thus saving the other migrants with them. “It was really, really scary for us, even being swimmers. It’s the sea, it’s not the pool, we don’t know what to do“, had testified at the time Yusra.

Arrived in Berlin with her sister, Yusra resumed swimming training and managed to qualify for the next Olympic Games: “The swimming pool was my refuge, even in Germany“, explained the 24-year-old swimmer. “I met so many people there who became a kind of family.

The two sisters were able to find their family who now lives in Germany. Yusra now hopes this Netflix film will shed light on their plight and can help help other refugees like them.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-les-nageuses-sur-netflix-l-incroyable-histoire-vraie-derriere-le-film-1417450.aspx