The Tigres del Norte pay tribute to Vicente Fernández in his first show

They danced, sang and remembered the disappeared Vicente Fernandez with the Mariachi Eagles of Mexicowith the interpretation of Jorge, El Jefe de Jefes of Los Tigres del Norte, together with Luis, Hernán, Eduardo and Óscar in the first of three concerts of his tour La Reunion Tour 2022two years after his last presentation at the National Auditorium.

With hats, ankle boots, checkered shirts, denim pants and leather vests, a large part of the spectators arrived, who were hindered by the seats and took the aisles as if it were a palenque to dance with their partners the romantic, rhythmic and corridos songs, combined in its more than five decades of the group in the Northern music.

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In a video recorded with their voices without their images, they welcomed the crowd that filled the almost 10 thousand places of the enclosureto later listen to the song Chief of Chiefs, after 8:45 p.m.

They also released one of their new songs, The letterin a video clip and this is how Jorge greeted his audience: “Good evening Mexico City and from anywhere in the world, who make us come together. Thank you for all your applause and this welcome. Tonight we are going to share with you after this pandemic, which was the penultimate job we did in our Mexican Republic. We are very happy to have the opportunity to come and work live for you.

“Tonight we are going to sing the songs that you want to listen to. There are songs like this that you want to listen to and others to dance to,” said Jorge.

Listening to songs like my good luckI couldn’t fall in love more the queen of the south and with The corner table, the couples no longer held back and walked into the corridor to dance with I want to fly with you, We are not even related.

The premiere of the song was given live that they created in the pandemic and recorded in the studio, The meeting, that speaks of forgetting family quarrels, because time has not been bought and you will be able to absence of one of the future loved ones.

Others performed and chanted by the attendees were Contraband and betrayal, and La manzanita, with which almost all the attendees danced even from their places and in the halls of the venue. They continued with Book of Memories, False Tomb, Mr. Announcer, I give myself to you, El Niño y la boda and El rengo del gallo giro.


Hernán opened the second part of the concert with Law of the hillaccompanied by Mariachi Águilas de México, whose musicians previously performed The sound of the blackto then give way to a second George’s intervention In front of the public.

“Tonight we are performing songs by a character of yours that before the pandemic, the previous visit we were here, we sang songs by him, but he was still among us. And we are going to remember them from an album we made entitled And his word is lawwith a song that we made in life for an idol of yours and ours called Vicente Fernandez. we made him a song tributeA consent of God and we are going to continue with these themes of this production and all the applause that they are giving tonight, go directly to him there in heaven “.

The audience became a monumental choir with the emblematic melodies of Vicente Fernández El Charro de Huentitán, how i forget youFor your damn love, Beautiful affection, and they closed with Divine Women by Martín Urieta.

In the third block of the concert, which lasted almost three hours, they performed the inevitable La Puerta Negra, Golpes en el corazón, La Cage de Oro, Pedro y Pablo, La Banda del Carro Rojo, En qué failed and La Routine, from the new The deluxe reunion album.

How Straight to the heart, The gray truck, Rosita de Olivo, The two plebes, Pacas de a kilo, The plane of death, My fantasy and José Pérez León, The Northern Tigers they not only roared, but gave their audience two surprises.

Towards the end of their concert, they performed for the first time live A consent of Godin a final tribute to Vicente Fernández and premiered the video clip of his new single, I lack a sin in the voice of Luis, with northern soundwith which they seek to captivate the youth.