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Little detail. Now he has become an exemplary figure, dedicated to various charitable causes and his family, but until not long ago the prince Henry of Sussex He was one of the most controversial members of the British royal family and his life made headlines for the tabloid press.

Fortunately, that crazy life ended. The son of Diana of Wales matured and became a example of cordiality, good humor and professionalism. Of course, whoever had, retained, and although this embarrassing anecdote published by Hello happened several years ago, it is impossible not to remember it.

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The anecdote with Malala

It is probably one of the most embarrassing situations that the Duke of Sussex has starred in. It happened during the gala We Day which was held in London in 2014. A charity event that recognizes young people who have done their best to end injustice in the world.

A ceremony in which Enrique had to offer a speech and, afterwards, greet a group of guests Among them was Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist who survived a Taliban attack after daring to go to school when her country’s totalitarian regime forbade her.

Her ordeal with the Taliban in Pakistan turned the young woman into everything a symbol of peace, so much so that in 2014 she was awarded the Nobel Prize in that category. Hence, the meeting between Enrique de Sussex and her was the most important and expected by the people and the press that night.

Henry of Sussex had an embarrassing encounter with Malala Yousafzai.  (Photo: EFE)
Henry of Sussex had an embarrassing encounter with Malala Yousafzai. (Photo: EFE)

The problem is that when they were introduced, Enrique asked him to take a picture with her and he posed with his arm around her, a gesture that caused Malala’s mother to start shouting from across the room that she couldn’t do that, that according to her religion, she could only touch her if she planned to marry her.

Knowing his mistake, Prince Harry apparently turned red and Malala was embarrassed in front of those present in the auditorium. Of course, the incident did not happen from there. Malala’s mother calmed down and cleared things up, both posed next to each other and now everything is an anecdote to remember.


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