The “Tinder swindler” is threatened with jail in Spain

He’s been in prison before. Now “Tinder swindler” Simon Leviev could disappear behind Spanish bars.

the essentials in brief

  • Tinder swindler» Simon Leviev is wanted by the Spanish authorities.
  • He even faces jail.

Click, click – could soon no longer just do it with a credit card…

“Tinder swindler” Simon Leviev (31) actually faces jail! Where? In Spain.

The authorities are investigating Leviev. As the “Daily Mail” reports, the 31-year-old is said to have identified himself with a fake driver’s license in January 2019.

Problem: In Spain it means six months to three years in prison!

Incidentally, the police only found out about Leviev because of his Netflix documentary.

“Tinder swindler” Simon Leviev wanted to have a good time with a Russian blonde on the beach in Tarifa in 2019. Stupid: Back then he got stuck in the sand with his rental Maserati.

“Michael Bilton” was written on his driver’s license, which he had to show to the police. He was even invited to a hearing afterwards.

But the “Tinder swindler” disappeared and disappeared. After that, nothing happened for about three years.

Until one day, during a training session in Ibiza, a police officer specializing in counterfeiting watched the Netflix documentary about Leviev. He recognized the so-called “Michael Bilton”.

Will the investigations be successful? Doubtful, because the “Tinder swindler” lives in a luxury apartment in his native Israel.

Spicy: Simon Leviev has been in prison there for five months for forgery and fraud.

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