The transformation of Ben Zucker, Semino Rossi, Andrea Berg and Co in pictures

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Of: Lisa Klugmayer

Whether comfortable weight, corona pounds or pregnancy kilos: some German hit stars have recently caused a sensation not only with their music, but also with their external changes. Ben Zucker, Semino Rossi and Andrea Berg reveal their weight loss tips.

The transformation of Ben Zucker, Semino Rossi, Andrea Berg and Co in pictures
1/15When Ben Zucker realized in the summer of 2020 that he could actually only see the lower part of his body in the mirror, he wanted to change something. © IMAGO / SKATA
Ben Zucker in a red shirt in Berlin
2 / 15With a combination of intermittent fasting, no sugar and a tough training plan, Ben Zucker lost almost 20 kilograms. © Instagram/Ben Zucker
Ben Zucker on a lake with his e-bike
3 / 15“I then discovered cycling for myself and run 15,000 to 20,000 steps every day and just keep fit,” reveals Ben Zucker. Sport also clears his head, “for new thoughts and great new ideas. I’m proud of it,” says the pop singer at the “Schlagerchampions 2021”. © Instagram/Ben Zucker
*** Semino Rossi during the ARD television show Schlagerchampions - The big festival of the best on January 11th, 2020 in the Velodrom Berlin
4 / 15Semino Rossi has also lost a lot of weight. Instead of 103 kilos, the pop star’s scales now only show 85 kilos. He needed almost a year for the minus on the scales. © IMAGO / STAR MEDIA
Semino Rossi during the ARD entertainment show Again and again on Sundays on August 22nd, 2021 in Europapark Rust.
5 / 15“I wear my suits two sizes smaller now,” Semino Rossi proudly told the Bild newspaper. The key to his weight loss success? intermittent fasting. “Lots of vegetables, few carbohydrates and no more red wine for dinner” is his secret recipe. © IMAGO / STAR MEDIA
Let's Dance 2011 - Show 2, Maite Kelly and Christian Polanc
6 / 15In 2011, Maite Kelly swept over the “Let’s Dance” dance floor and lost a few pounds in the process – no wonder with the hard training every day. © MAGO / TF photo
Maite Kelly sings on May 8th, 2022 in the ZDF television garden
7/15At the ZDF television garden on May 8th, 2022, fans of Maite Kelly will again be amazed by the pop singer. On Twitter, the audience noticed that Maite Kelly must have lost weight and was enthusiastic about her performance. “I have to say that Maite is getting slimmer,” says one user, for example. “Looks sensational” and “significantly slimmer,” writes one woman. And a user asks: “Maite has lost a lot of weight, hasn’t it?” © IMAGO / Eibner
Maite Kelly sings on May 8th, 2022 in the ZDF television garden with Andrea Kiewel
8 / 15Whether, how or how much Maite Kelly lost weight, the pop singer does not talk about that in public. © IMAGO / Eibner
2019 Appearance of the German schlager singer Andrea Berg in a yellow dress on the SRF pop schlager show Hello Again.
9/15Andrea Berg has always been a slim woman. Still, she didn’t feel well, not fit enough. Trigger for the radical step? personal claim. “I got on the scale on my birthday on January 28th and said to myself, ‘No, you can’t do that!’ I’m very strict with myself,” reveals Andrea Berg in the BILD interview. © IMAGO / picture agency Monn
The Giovanni Zarrella Show: Andrea Berg and the host in the ZDF hit show
10/15At the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” Andrea Berg provided the ultimate wow moment and shines with her glitter dress. Ten kilos in ten weeks is a proud achievement. She also reveals how Andrea Berg did it. “By iron will. I started doing sports again,” said the pop singer. © ZDF/Sascha Baumann
Andrea Berg on April 9, 2022 on stage at the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”.
11/15But also the renunciation of alcohol was decisive for their weight loss success. “And of course you’re not allowed to drink beer anymore. In the morning I only drank a vegetable juice and in the evening I ate a bit from Uli’s plate with a small fork,” says Andrea Berg. © ZDF / Sascha Baumann
Sarah Engels and her newborn daughter Solea.
12/15During her second pregnancy, Sarah Engels gained around twelve kilos. After the birth of daughter Solea, it was still seven kilos that Sarah declared war on. © Screenshot Instagram/sarellax3
Sarah Engels in the gym
13/15For the first six weeks after giving birth, Sarah Engels went for long walks or jogged a little. Then she slowly started to train regularly again. And with full physical effort, as she shows on Instagram. By the way, the former DSDS candidate does not think much of diets, but relies on a balanced diet. © Screenshots Instagram: sarellax3
Sarah Engels was nasty about her post-baby body on Instagram.  She defends herself with clear words
14 / 15Sarah Engels was not distracted by nasty comments online. After a hate message about her post-baby body, she countered: “Then I just have bacon on my stomach. In return I have two healthy children and that is worth much, much more to me than anything else.” © Screenshots Instagram: sarellax3
Sarah Engels is happy that she is back to her pre-pregnancy weight
15 / 15The hard training has paid off: 6 months after the birth of her daughter, Sarah Engeles weighs as much as before the pregnancy. Her scales now show 55.9 kilos again. © Screenshots Instagram: sarellax3

What do Ben Zucker, Semino Rossi, Andrea Berg, Maite Kelly and Sarah Engels have in common? Yes, they are successful pop singers. But they’ve also lost a lot of weight.