“The treatment worked well”: Zazie gives very reassuring news on the state of health of Florent Pagny

Zazie speaks regularly with Florent Pagny, especially since his comrade revealed that he has lung cancer. The singer gives very reassuring news about her state of health.

I am in a fitness phase. But hey, if all goes well, next year we’ll finally get together to sing and get individual donations that allow the development of research.“, proudly announced Florent Pagny October 29, 2022 during his appearance in Taratata 100% against cancer. It’s starting to bear fruit since, as you can see, I feel better and better. It’s because the programs are working better and better!“Proof of the effectiveness of his treatment, the singer already has the dates for his next tour, which will take him to festivals next summer. The support of his loved ones also counts a lot to have the strength to resist the disease. .

In an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Leisure, Zazie entrust take “news from him very regularly“. The 61-year-old singer knows Florent Pagny all the more well as both officiated as jurors in The Voice. She continues: “Every time I have him on the phone, we laugh. He’s in Patagonia right now and he’s doing really well. The treatment went well“. Would Florent Pagny finally be out of the woods? “It’s still a cancer, it’s a filthy beastrecalls Zazie, but Florent has regained his voice. He even has a few hairs growing back.“The singer surprised his fans by appearing hairless, beardless and eyebrowless at a concert in support of Ukraine in March 2022. These”a few hairs” augur a happy summer.

Will Florent Pagny soon return to The Voice?

Florent Pagny greatly missed by the public and the jurors of The Voice.Florent Pagny is in our hearts, confided Nikos Aliagas during a TF1 press conference organized on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. It is part of the program’s DNA. We have news very regularly. He is fine and we hope to see him again very soon. He has also announced his tour!“Florent Pagny could therefore very well return to TF1…”As soon as my protocol is finished, I will move on to something else very quickly! As long as my voice is there, I am here! I won’t let go“, he said in the columns of Gala last year. After declaring war on cancer, Florent Pagny is about to announce his victory.

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