The tremendous opinion of Ángel de Brito on The hotel of the famous: “They are about …”

Angel of Brito He decided to interact with his Instagram followers and, when asked about El Hotel de los Famosos, the new reality show of El Trece, the channel where LAM (today in America) hosted until last year, he was critical and forceful.

An Instagram user asked the driver of what was the signal’s most watched program for six seasons “what do you think of El Hotel de Los Famosos”, to which Brito He replied, “I don’t care.”

But not only that, but, in addition to targeting the format and the program itself, it was also against the protagonists of the new reality show. “All very cartoons the participants”, commented Angelsharp and spicy as usual.

A few weeks ago, Angel of Brito He had uncovered an internship with El Trece, when before signing with América he had been close to doing so with Telefé, but a document letter from Grupo Clarín made the negotiation fall. When asked if El Trece did not want to let him work, the driver had answered briefly but forcefully: “Yes.”

El Hotel de los Famosos is a new reality show format in which figures from the show have to face each other in physical challenges to define what roles they play on a day-to-day basis during their stay at the hotel.

The result of this competition between the participants shows that some are only dedicated to enjoying the facilities of the luxurious hotel and others have to be at the service of those “guests”.