The trial began and the actor’s daughter recalls that there is “divine justice”

After more than a year detained in a prison accused of alleged sexual abuse against his daughter with Ginny Hoffman, the trial against actor Héctor ‘N’ began.

Daniela Parra, the actor’s daughter, could not give specific details of the case, but she did send a strong message that could be dedicated to the counterpart:

“Thank you all for being on the lookout, yesterday everything went very well… for legal reasons I am not allowed to speak but well, everything in due time. God is great and is with us. The next hearing will take place throughout this month, and I promise, while it’s in my hands, to let you know what’s going on…

I can only tell you that we are confident, that we are not afraid, that the truth is on our side and no one is saved from divine justice! They won’t shut us up!”

Meanwhile, Ginny Hoffman’s lawyer, who supports her daughter Alexa in her accusations, advanced: “The procedural days are going to begin to finally reach a ruling or a sentence. There is already a technical opinion, there are various opinions, They are going to begin to vent in the procedural days, and that is what we are going to do in the next hearings”.

Lawyer Miguel Ángel López Suárez said that Ginny and her daughter “have tried to face this process in the best way, with psychological support, with the legal team, and well, it is something for which they have been preparing for a long time.”

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