The “Twenties” team has imagined a series to promote its film on post-lockdown life

On the sidelines of the theatrical release, on April 27, of this feature film shot entirely in sequence shot in Paris, the film team has imagined an original promotion: a series of 12 episodes filmed across France.

After the broadcast on Netflix of Paris is ourshis actress Noémie Schmidt and his producers Olivier Capelli and Laurent Rochette unveiled their next project in October 2020, 20s: a 1 hour 20 minute feature film shot in one take, just after confinement.

If this film, self-financed and shot in secret in Paris during the summer of 2020 in full confinement did not have a release date at the time, it is now done. On instagramscreenwriters and actors Joris Avodo and Noémie Schmidt have announced that20s will be released in theaters from April 27.

But the promotion of the film does not stop there. To accompany this release, the creative collective unveiled another original idea: a series of twelve episodes shot during the preview screenings of20s to the four corners of France.

“We have written a series that will take place in each of the twelve cities along the route. At each stage, we shoot an episode and we show it to you in the evening in the room before the film and on the Internet, from April 9”, specifies Noémie Schmidt in a video posted on Instagram.

Show “another face of France”

As in 20s, each episode of this series will be filmed in a sequence shot during the day and then edited in the evening before the screenings. Once the cinema tour is over, all the episodes will then be brought together in a single film which will be broadcast in Paris on April 26.

Beyond the rather unusual publicity stunt, this project, which has no name yet, will also aim to give the floor to a resident in each of the cities visited. “The series will be shot at a crucial moment in France: the in-between round of the presidential elections. The ideal time to talk about what really matters in our lives, beyond political politics”, specifies the team of the movie about his website.

And to add: “We want to talk about what really matters in our lives, our dreams and our future to save and especially the way in which we manage the fact of being alive in this complicated period.”

To finance this project, the collective has launched a participatory kitty Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and invites spectators to pre-book their seats for the previews. These will begin on April 10 in Nantes and end on April 26 in Paris.