The two daughters of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez show off their dancing skills on video!

If many wondered if we would ever see each other again Cristiano Ronaldo playing under the colors of Manchester United, it would seem that the Portuguese has made up his mind. For several weeks, the 37-year-old star sulked and did not want to return to England, wishing to change clubs as soon as possible. Unfortunately for him, no team is really interested and he ended up making up his mind. With the very complicated season he experienced last year, between bloodshed and family problems, the striker really needed a relaxing vacation and that’s what he did by leaving for the Balearic Islands with his family.

In the company of Georgina Rodriguez, who has shared his life for more than six years now and their five children, they offered themselves a beautiful moment of relaxation in the sun, far from the grayness of Mancun. If the Portuguese had to go back to training several weeks ago now, his darling has offered herself a little rabe by staying a few more weeks in Spain. In Madrid, where she lived and met her lover, the bomba latina took her children to attend the concert of the new Spanish pop star, Rosalia and obviously her daughters are very sensitive to music.

Girls wiggle to the sound of Bad Bunny!

Active on social networks and immensely popular with more than 39 million subscribers and she likes to reveal scenes of her daily life. That’s what she did a few hours ago by posting a short video of her two daughters, Alana (4 years) and Eva (5 years old) jiggling energetically to the music of another very famous Latin artist, Bad Bunny. To the sound of the title Tweety Me Preguntothe two adorable young girls dance in front of large fans to make their pretty dresses fly. “My loves”simply writes Georgina on the video, showing all the affection she has for her two little ones (the video can be found in the slideshow).

A beautiful moment of complicity between Eva and Alana which should warm the heart of their father to return to England!