The urban performer Mathew: “If I manage to catch Daddy Yankee before he retires, I will crown” | shows

the urban performer Matthew seeks to impose its style to the rhythm of Moves, which is now available on all digital platforms.

The record production, with 13 songs, is inspired by the movements of athletes such as Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) and Michael Jordan, according to the artist.

“I also used it because I make a movement through different parts of the music and through different colors and that’s why I wanted to call it Moves, because it kept moving all the time,” he said in an interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

The cover letter of this production is The Contract.

“I decided to do The Contract with Eix, because at the time I wrote the first bars I knew it would fall for a loud voice like his. It always feels brutal to collaborate with Eix, because he is my brother and when we go to the studio it is to have fun, not to work”, he stated.

The ragpicker, who assures that he is good at mathematics, highlighted that his favorite cut of the proposal is La Vía.

“It’s the song with the fastest beat. It has the essence of what trap is. It has something like bailao, but it’s an invention of mine that I liked a lot, and that’s my son of the record, ”she pointed out.

Mathew became known with the single What are we, along with Rauw Alejandro and Lyanno. “They shook my hand when I was starting out. I learned a lot from that song,” he recounted.

As an interpreter who makes his way in the urban genre, he aims to collaborate with established exponents such as Bad Bunny, Anuel, Ozuna and Arcángel.

“If I get to catch Daddy Yankee before retirement, I’m crowned,” Mathew joked.

His determination and focus are the characteristics that he considers make him unique in the genre that leads the music playlists.

The artist said that since he was a child he had an interest in dedicating himself to the urban genre.

At the moment, it contemplates some presentations in nightclubs while the restrictions by the covid-19 allow it.

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