The video by which they assure that Octavio Ocaña is alive

The death of Octavio Ocaña shook the entertainment world in 2020 and the memory of the beloved actor continues to be present in his Mexican followers, and now more than ever on social networks, because a video recorded in a restaurant recently circulated, where a person who looked identical to Ocaña.

Red hair, slim complexion and even his hairstyle characterize this mysterious person who confused netizens, who even dared to ensure that it was the actor from the Neighbors program.

The video was shared by the user Jorge Garzaba, who assures, it was recorded during this month of May, in a restaurant.

The video began to cause mixed reactions, as some doubted its veracity, and others were amazed at the resemblance it had to the actor who gave life to the character of Benito in the Televisa series.

Some even commented that it could be a double, who was possibly going to participate in the series to keep his character alive.