The video that confirms that Madonna and Lucía Méndez did have an altercation in a show of the “Queen of Pop”

Many Internet users made fun of the Mexican actress and singer for considering her story too fanciful; But a fragment of a documentary about Madonna, which circulates on TikTok, reveals the pride of the American star with her audience.

Years ago, Lucia Mendez It became a trend and, a bit also, the laughingstock of thousands of Internet users when an anecdote that involved this Mexican singer and actress and the “Queen of Pop” went viral. Madonna. In an interview, Méndez narrated that he attended a concert by the American star, but it was not pleasant because he had an altercation with her.

Many network users considered the episode too egocentric and fanciful on the part of Méndez, because they could not believe that Madonna was able to pay full attention to her in one of her shows. And it is that the story of the Mexican tells the day that she was invited by her ex-husband to enjoy a concert by the interpreter of “Don’t Tell Me.” Mendez did not feel encouraged as he had injured one of his knees, but the insistence was such that he decided to go.

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Lucía Méndez made headlines in the tabloids when talking about the altercation she had with Madonna. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image

As the Latin artist recalled, she was in the third row watching the show, when Madonna asked her to get up to enjoy. “She would tell me to stop, in English. This old woman is crazy and I’m not going to stop. I was pointing at my knee, and a moment came when he said: ‘fu ** you’. Less I stop! ‘I won’t stand up’, I told him and that I was going to call my lawyers, ”Méndez commented in his story.

The Mexican explained that she sat throughout the concert and that Madonna’s annoyance was evident. Some interested in gossip did not believe that the great queen of music of the 80s and 90s had had that little altercation with her audience, including Lucía Méndez; But a video on TikTok has revealed that it did happen: Madonna did get out of control when she saw her audience sitting down and not effusive about her presentation.

This clip extracts a fragment from an old Madonna documentary, and in it the successful singer is observed behind the scenes to be very annoyed with her manager and her producers for having included people related to the industry, who do not They got up from their seats to dance to the rhythm of “Like a Virgin” or “Papa Don’t Preach.”

“You told me there would be no one in the middle in the front rows and it was full of them, they sat there giving me their dirty looks and with their arms crossed. There were three rows of assholes and then an empty space. They have made me bitter (…) it distracted me and it was so depressing for me ”, Madonna is heard saying; reconfirming that there was a show where the Queen of Pop did not have a good time.

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The “Queen of Pop” showed her discomfort when the public did not have much energy in her concerts. Illustrative and non-commercial video

The clip that rescues this episode of his career surpasses 41,000 reproductions and has more than 900 messages, many of them in solidarity with Méndez.

“People justifying Madonna. She has the ego through the heavens, that does not give her the right to treat people badly or force the public to react ”,“ My Lucia telling the truth and everyone laughing at her ”,“ It means that Madonna does manage to see who It is in the first rows, as Lucia said ”,“ Forgive us, Lucia, for doubting you ”,“ Justice for Lucia ”, were some comments.

Other stricter Internet users brought to light the different times in which the show that Méndez witnessed happened and in which Madonna appears very frustrated; However, other TikTok users made reference to the fact that the central point of everything is that Madonna does observe the public most immediate to her and that her arrogance and haughtiness is not a lie, according to Méndez.