“The view is very cool”: Sebastián Rulli is visiting El Salvador

The Mexican soap opera heartthrob is visiting Salvadoran lands and shared a greeting from one of the most exclusive areas of San Salvador.

The famous Mexican soap opera actor, Sebastian Rulli, He surprised his Salvadoran fans by sharing on his Instagram account, with more than 11.4 million followers, that he is visiting the country.

It was yesterday afternoon, around 1:30 pm, that the heartthrob of Argentine origin shared a story on the social network owned by Meta, where he showed that he was in one of the most exclusive areas of the great San Salvador.

With his big smile and the good energy that characterizes him, Sebastián Rulli was recorded on the terrace of a restaurant with an outstanding design, while apparently waiting for his food.

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“How are you?… from El Salvador we send you many greetings,” said the protagonist of “The rich also cry” in his Instagram story, where he gives life to the passionate Luis Alberto Salvatierra.

“Look what a beautiful view, very cool,” said the 46-year-old heartthrob, who was accompanied by his manager Iván Serratos.

The actor sent a greeting from El Salvador to all his followers on Instagram. Illustrative and non-commercial image/ instagram.com/sebastianrulli/

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The arrival of the actor in the country is already circulating on Twitter with publications where Salvadorans express their desire to meet him and because he enjoys the warm welcome offered by the magical Tom Thumb from Central America.

Illustrative and non-commercial image/ witter.com/fiallaJD/status/1526041779656704000

Sebastián Rulli has a long acting career, as well as his current partner Angelique Boyer, with whom he has starred in successful telenovelas such as: Teresa, What life stole from me, Three times Ana and Overcome the past.