The viewers of Zone Interdite annoyed by this couple in their thirties who know nothing about catering but want to open a 250 m2 vegetable restaurant in Paris which costs 1 million euros and manages to be loaned 200,000 euros by their parents

According to “Zone Interdite”, one in two French people dream of changing their lives. Most of them never do it, but others muster up their courage and take the plunge. This is the case of people followed for two years by the cameras of M6. Each adventure will be unique and full of pitfalls, both logistically and administratively. Stress will therefore be there for these new entrepreneurs. Among the latter, there is a couple in their thirties who dream of opening a restaurant in Paris. And the two lovers see big, very big.

“Zone Interdite” tells us that they both left comfortable jobs in terms of remuneration to embark on the catering adventure, with the desire to open a vegetable restaurant. But they don’t know anything about this field… Having always been passionate about cooking, they decided to take the plunge all the same, with a click: when the young woman’s dad fell ill, she said to herself that it was now necessary to take advantage of life to really have fun and realize his dream of a restaurant. So here they are both in a Parisian studio of 30 m2 since they put a lot of savings into their project. From the start of the couple’s presentation, “Zone Interdite” takes us to the place they intend to buy for their restaurant: a former garage of more than 250 m2 which will have to be restored from top to bottom to accommodate no less than 150 people every noon and every evening. Huge ambition therefore for the two thirty-somethings. The viewers of M6 do not understand this project at all and are offended by the fact that they are seriously considering spending a million euros on this affair. Worse, they get angry when they see the couple being loaned 200,000 euros by the young man’s dad. They say they don’t have their feet on the ground. But after being annoyed with them, the viewers of “Zone Interdite” will realize that they were wrong: the couple will indeed fall back on a 27 m2 room which will cost them all inclusive about 250,000 euros. A more reasonable project that will not prevent them from having many setbacks before the opening.

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