The viral speech of Pedro Almodóvar demanding the state of Public Health in Madrid: “The system is on the brink of collapse”

The Spanish director said that health is on the brink of collapse

The consecrated Spanish director Pedro Almodovar pronounced this Saturday a strong demand in defense of the public health systemrecalling the sacrifices made by staff during the pandemic and denouncing that the situation is about to collapse.

Upon receiving a tribute with the Feroz de Honor Award, in recognition of his career with 22 feature films, two short films, two Oscars, one Ariel and numerous Goyas, the filmmaker took advantage of the speech to include a message addressed to the Madrid authorities.

almodovar asked for loud applause “to see if the echo reaches the Puerta del Sol in Madrid” for the health workers who “exposed their lives in the pandemic.”

“Given the barbarism that is being carried out in the Community in which I live, this group is having a very bad time. Their vocation – that of doctors – is to cure and on many occasions they cannot do so because of the chaos and precarious situation in which the primary care services live”. According to him, he stressed, this “naturally affects hospital emergencies and puts our health system on the verge of collapse”


And, although he said that he understands that “the gala has another purpose”, he did not want to miss the opportunity to make visible that “the health problems of the Spanish They affect us all, regardless of whether some of us have the possibility of going to private healthcare”.

And he concluded: “For the health workers whom we applauded at 8 o’clock during the pandemic, this applause of support for their demands, of empathy and understanding of the terrible situation they are experiencing is dedicated to them. Why endangers one of the pillars of our welfare society: the universal and free public health system. For them!”. At that moment, the audience rose to their feet to continue the ovation.

For February 12, a march is called in Madrid in defense of public health and against cuts to the system.

Almodóvar had already been moved at the gala when he went on stage, when he saw his mother in the tribute video. “With these awards one feels in a thousand ways, and one of them is very fragile. It is one of the awards in which one should not cry, but you have put an image of my mother saying that she will call him and it is too hard and too exciting ”, explained the director, trying unsuccessfully to contain the tears.

I’ve totally come down, I’m sorry. My mom has inspired almost every movie I’ve ever done,” she added.

With some humor, he also assured that an honorary award will not manage to take him into retirement.

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