The viral video of the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The images show Amber as the villain on the second day that the 58-year-old actor took the stand to give evidence.

Johnny Depp declared for the second day in the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The trial has taken on a media connotation, and it is that in his statements the American actor has gone into detail about what his relationship with Heard was like and what led him to make the decision to separate.

A video recorded at the exit of the court has circulated on social networks where a group of fans gives their support to the 58-year-old actor and screenwriter, but they boo Heard.

In the footage, Depp’s supporters can be heard calling the Aquaman actress a liar, booing and insulting her as she walks to her car, while the actor is applauded, photographed and greeted.

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American actor Johnny Depp denied on Tuesday that he physically assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard during his statement in the defamation trial against the actress. Photo: AFP

Some have considered that these images could mark a new media twist to this case in which Amber would be left as the villain.

The actor told the Fairfax County Circuit Court that his ex-wife insulted him, rejected him and berated him. He said that she was often violent and that her attacks ranged from a slap, a push, throwing a glass of wine in his face or controlling the television.

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On the sixth day of the trial, Depp also said that on one occasion, after he came home late on Heard’s birthday (after a meeting with her accountants), she defecated on his bed.

The footage shows a group of fans outside the courthouse booing and shouting insults at Amber as she leaves, while Depp is clapped, photos are taken and their support is known. Illustrative and non-commercial images.

The interpreter of Jack Sparrow added that what he did was leave home after an argument and asked the also actress not to follow him, she began to throw objects at him and then he would have defecated on his bed.

On Tuesday, he revealed to the jury other aggressive behaviors of his ex-wife, and that after a fight that got out of control she ended up mutilating a part of her finger.