The Voice 2022: An ex-candidate takes revenge 3 years later, teams already complete

The Voice promises to be tough for the coaches! And for good reason, every week, Marc Lavoine, Amel Bent, Vianney and Florent Pagny discover new exceptional candidates with enormous potential. This Saturday, March 19, 2022 was broadcast the penultimate episode of the blind auditions and some teams are already complete with the 14 Talents required. We take stock!


Lisa (21) is an assistant hostess in a fashion house, which allows her to finance her music projects. This is the fourth time she has tried to participate in The Voice. Until now, she had never managed to show up for blind auditions. Coaches Amel Bent and Vianney will have made Lisa wait until the very last second to turn around, not out of doubts but on the contrary to take full advantage of her sweet performance, filled with emotions. “I was transported by your performance. It’s a real quality for me to have this kind of very breathy tone. You have plenty of resources“, declared Amel Bent conquered. Vianney could only agree with her comrade, grateful to the candidate”crazy talent” and “rare“.

Lisa join the team of Amel Bent.


Kevin (29) is an independent artist. He started singing in front of an audience recently, four years ago. The competitions in which he took part allowed him to achieve somewhat crazy opportunities such as singing in Korea. One of his dreams would be to participate in Eurovision. The candidate is in any case on track to make people talk about him thanks to his ability to reach very high notes with great accuracy. A talent that immediately jumped out in the eyes of Amel Bent and Florent Pagny. “When we do what you do, I put in the ‘virtuoso’ category because you master your organ and you sing in a masterful way.“, judged the latter. Amel Bent for his part praised his “groove” well defined, which completely charmed her.

Kevin join the team of Florent Pagny.


Chérine (26) comes from Belgium. This is his second participation in The Voice. Already in 2019, during season 8, she had tried her luck. At the time, no coach had turned around to recruit her to his team. Chérine has certainly taken her revenge because, from the first notes of her casting, she bluffed Amel Bent who wasted no time in buzzing. She was quickly followed by her three coach friends. It is therefore a full box for the young Chérine! Her singular grain of voice, a bit youthful, truly seduced the experts, all ready to fight for her. “Rarely have I heard anyone sing so well. Four coaches, it’s not stolen at all. It’s wonderful what you’ve done, congratulations miss“, for example dropped Marc Lavoine.

Cherine join the team of Amel Bent.


Louis (29) comes from New Caledonia. This is the first time he has left his island to go to France, all with his wheelchair. Because yes, Louis has been disabled for several years. It was in 2015 that everything changed for the candidate following an injury. Music helped him regain a taste for life when he was recovering in hospital. By participating in the blind auditions, he was delighted that his difference was not taken into account. Louis accompanied himself with his guitar on stage to try to convince the coaches on a song by Vianney. It is precisely the singer who buzzed in extremis to find out. The candidate could not hide his great emotion. Vianney was particularly touched by his sensitivity and his fragility transmitted through the music. “You have a depth of soul and heart, that’s for sure“, did he declare.

Louis join the team of Vianney.


Nyr was discovered singing at the wedding of one of the cast members of The Voice during the summer of 2021. He has lived from music for 25 years by doing shows, concerts, weddings or private parties. The 48-year-old candidate now wishes to develop his career by becoming a songwriter and simpler performer. Nyr will not have wasted his time The Voice since his rock version of the song Clocks was unanimous.

Nyr join the team of Vianney.


Ila (23) presented a completely different version of the well-known 70s film, all smooth and elegant, with a hint of folk. She has already proven that she is a real artist by reclaiming the song. Despite a little time for reflection, three of the coaches turned around: Marc Lavoine, Amel Bent and Vianney. Everyone recognized hima high level” with “a breath in the voice quite prodigious“.

He has join the team of Vianney and completes his team.


Apie (23) is a business school student. The young woman delivered a somewhat surprising performance with a real voice signature. Marc Lavoine was charmed by the talent of the candidate from the start and very quickly turned around for her. “You have a rigor of a particular poetry, quite urban. there is something about you that is quite quirky. You are a show woman. There is tradition and modernity in your home“, he confided, very happy to be able to work alongside him.

Apia join the team of Marc Lavoine.


Jules (27) is the proud father of a 2-year-old girl. Fulfilled in his personal life, he hopes to give impetus to his professional career with The Voice. Jules has a particular voice, with a very serious tone. “I’ve been singing for a long time, my voice has changed a lot over time. Sometimes I try to sing as simple as possible but I can’t do anything other than that“, he explained after his impressive performance on the piece of the giant Alain Bashung. Despite some hesitation, Vianney and Marc Lavoine have become clients for this kind of performance. “The idea is to know if you are interested in proposing other intentions. I hope you show the rest in the rest of the adventure. When we have a stamp like yours, you have to be one of us, it’s a pleasure“, Vianney was particularly enthusiastic.

jules join the team of Marc Lavoine.


Vanessa (artist name Duchelle) is 32 years old and comes from Montreal in Canada. She has recently been creating content on social networks, but above all, she is a singer. As part of a TV show, she even had the chance to spend a few days with Celine Dion and sing with her. Her beautiful performance and performance totally surrounded Amel Bent, who started dancing standing up, no longer paying attention to her sore feet caused by her third pregnancy. The coach was very happy to be the only one to turn around and thus not have to fight with her comrades to recruit the bubbly and energetic Vanessa.

vanessa join the team of Amel Bent and completes his team.


Élise (20) is fortunate to have a very powerful voice. On stage, the pretty blonde also sent crazy energy which rightly earned her the compliments of Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine. The two coaches were both ready to work with the candidate with very interesting potential. “You have a huge and beautiful voice. There are a few little things, ends of sentences that are a little blue, a little wrong, except that you have proposed frequencies that do not leave me insensitive and leave me ‘woah’. You are already starting to use your very beautiful voice very well and congratulations, you are in The Voice”, judged Florent Pagny.

Elise join the team of Florent Pagny and completes his team.


Vianney : Axel, Louise, Gabin, Maseko, Mister Mat, Henry, Charles, Gauthier, Léna, Paloma, Pauline, Louis, Nyr, Ila

Amel Bent : Nabila, Vike, Ollie, Marie, Raphaël, Léa, Luigiano, Dorian, Leeroy, Nicolas, Jérôme, Lisa, Chérine, Vanessa

Florent Pagny : Sonia, Lou Dassi, Nour, Nathalie, Thomas, Ambre, Marina, Maggy, Morgane, Giada, June, Emilie, Kevin, Élise

Marc Lavoine : Maestrina, Ophélie, Clément, Madeline, Caroline, Jérôme, Basil, Axel, Jessie, Fabien, Apie, Jules

Nolwenn Leroy : Jean Palau, Loris, Leo