The Voice 2022: Florent Pagny sings live, internet users impressed by his performance

This Saturday, May 14 took place the semi-final of The Voice 2022 live on TF1. Accompanied by his two talents, Nour and Lou Dassi, Florent Pagny sang on stage the crowd by Edith Piaf. A performance that impressed internet users.

Florent Pagny is a fighter! At the start of 2022, the 60-year-old singer announced, via a video, that he had lung cancer. An inoperable tumor that forced the coach to The Voice to follow a treatment combining chemotherapy and x-rays. Florent Pagny appeared for the first time with a shaved head, during the show United for Ukraineon March 8 on France 2. He interpreted the title “If a song” and said: “when I received this message to ask if I would be fit enough to come and support Ukraine, to draw some attention to call for donations… well yes, yes I will be there. I can still sing.” After his performance, Nagui thanked him for making the trip and wished him “the best of health.”

A performance hailed by Internet users

Since this issue, the singer had not reappeared on stage. It is precisely on the set of The Voice during the semi-final that the public and viewers were able to see Florent Pagny on stage. The coach interpreted “the crowdby Edith Piaf with his two talents Nour and Lou Dassi. A magical moment on stage where the performance of the 60-year-old artist impressed internet users.

And the reactions on Twitter were numerous: “It’s so nice to see Florent Pagny on stage. Despite what he’s going through, to have the strength to sing, to support his team etc.. I find him super brave bug! And it’s too good! here”, could we read on the social network. Or : “Florent, what a king, he is exceptional“; “No, but what a king frankly, the voice still intactimmense respect Florent Pagny.” Messages of support and admiration that will go straight to the heart of the singer.