The Voice 2022: Loss of voice, wrong notes and new rule during cross-battles

Saturday, April 23, 2022 in The Voice, the cross-battles have been launched. Once again, this crucial stage of the game has made a comeback. The concept: each coach had to choose one of his Talents so that he could compete on the title of his choice against that of another coach. It is the public present on the set who then designated the winner of each battle and thus definitively eliminated the loser from the adventure. The selected candidates have an appointment for the super-cross battles. But surprise, a new rule was introduced: coaches could save a single Talent from their team after it was eliminated.


Marc Lavoine pitted Maestrina against Jade from Florent Pagny’s team. Maestrina went first on the title Survivor Destiny’s Child. The candidate for the occasion completely revisited this cult piece, stunning and making her coach proud, who hastened to applaud her standing at the end of her performance. “you were fantastic“, he assured her. But nothing was yet decided when Jade came forward in turn on the stage to interpret No time to die by Billie Eilish. Completely in her rock universe, Jade has even integrated a bit of lyrical singing. The public voted to keep Jade at 69.7%. She is qualified for the super cross-battles and Maestrina is eliminated.


Vianney then challenged Amel Bent by sending the talented and graceful Illa on stage. He also launched an idea to his fellow coach by evoking the candidate Léna, originally in his team but saved by Amel Bent during the battles. Battles disputed precisely against Illa. The latter first gave it all on the tube Turning Tables of Adele. Léna also played the gentle and emotional card for these cross-battles by taking up die from love by Charles Aznavour. Technique, two rather incredible organs… it was difficult to decide between them. The public voted to keep Lena at 79%. She is qualified for the super cross-battles and Illa is eliminated.


Florent Pagny then asked Kevin to face a candidate from Marc Lavoine’s team. The latter opposed him to Caroline. Kevin performed a Dua Lipa hit, love again. Voice, energy, character… he hit the mark on the set! After him Caroline introduced herself on When we only have love by Jacques Brel. The young mother, already well known to the general public, delivered a powerful and very touching performance. The public voted to keep Caroline at 70%. She is qualified for super cross-battles. But Kevin too because Florent Pagny used his buzz to keep him in the adventure. “I won’t let him go, you’re crazys,” he blurted out.


It was the turn of Amel Bent to regain control and she measured herself against Florent Pagny. The singer sent Vike into the arena, who confronted Charles. Vike first took over Seven Nation Army of the White Stripes. Charles meanwhile tried to stand out on the title If enough by Celine Dion. And it is an understatement to say that his bet was successful as he surprised and amazed with his very feminine voice. The public voted to keep Charles at 60.4%. He is qualified for super cross-battles. But Vike also because Amel Bent used his buzz to keep him in the adventure.


Florent Pagny challenged Vianney with Jean Palau, first eliminated after his blind audition and then saved by surprise coach Nolwenn Leroy. He then decided to join the team of Florent Pagny. He faced Pauline on the title Forest of Soprano, determined to stay in the competition. But Jean had a formidable adversary who gave it her all by presenting her very own version of Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. She has always captivated her coach Vianney with her deep and powerful voice. The public voted to keep Jean Palau at 57.1%. He is qualified for super cross-battles. But Pauline too because Vianney used her buzz to keep her in the adventure.


Gabin sang Charles Aznavour, From now on. He measured himself against the talent of Doryan, from Amel Bent’s team. The latter sang To make women cry by Michael Torr. The two candidates chose completely different songs, both in interpretation and in register. The public voted to keep Doryan at 64.1%. He is qualified for the super cross-battles and Gabin is eliminated.


Marc Lavoine then sent his favorite Ofé to the ring, who was opposed to Nour in Florent Pagny’s team. Nour took over he died the sun by Nicoletta. The 16-year-old former Kids has definitely grown up and is ready to tackle cult hits of French song, thus revealing all her vocal power. But her opponent Ofé was also endowed with a unique and very bewitching voice. Accompanied by her piano, she captivated on a cover of Travel Travel by Desireless. The public voted to keep Nour at 65.2%. She is qualified for super cross-battles. But Ofé also because Marc Lavoine used his buzz to keep her in the adventure.


Amel Bent trusted Luigiano for the rest of the evening. The young man found himself facing a Talent from Marc Lavoine’s team, Clément. Luigiano hardly opened the ball of this battle with the title Hello by Lionel Richie, whose first notes were unfortunately wrong. The candidate nevertheless quickly recovered to offer a high-flying performance. Clément, for his part, wanted to get naked on stage. Diagnosed with autistic asperger since the age of 11, he chose a song full of meaning: Nathanby Calogero, who evokes autism. The public voted to keep Clement at 50.8%. He qualifies for the super cross-battles and Luigiano is eliminated.


Florent Pagny concluded this first phase of the cross-battles by calling Morgane on stage. The young woman who lacks self-confidence from the start sang If I get away by Julie Zenatti. Morgane unfortunately slipped a few false notes during her performance. Leeroy, Amel Bent’s crush, also encountered a voice problem but just before going on stage. The young man explained that he was on the verge of being “voiceless” and was sorry that he no longer had a voice. He nevertheless managed to seduce with a revisited version of Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake. The public voted to keep Leeroy at 53.2%. He is qualified for the super cross-battles and Morgane is eliminated.


Vianney: Axel, Emilie, Louise, Gautier, Pauline, Mister Mat

Amel Bent : Vike, Doryan, Lena, Leeroy, Mary, Matteo, Cherine

Florent Pagny: Jade, Charles, Kevin, Jean Palau, Nour, Sonia, Lou, Amber

Marc Lavoine: Clement, Jerome, Ofé, Loris, Léa, Madeline, Caroline, Apie