The Voice: Florent Pagny’s glasses raise questions!

Long remained in the most total discretion, Florent Pagny who had been suffering from cancer finally reappeared in public on the occasion of the semi-final of The Voice. The singer had changed enormously as one would expect because of the different chemotherapy sessions he has carried out so far. Victim of a significant hair loss, it is therefore the shaved head that he had presented to his fans. His beard had also disappeared but his appearance suggested that he was in good shape today. What he had confirmed during a recent interview by saying that the size of his tumor had gone from that of a kiwi to that of a walnut.

Florent Pagny recovering from his illness

If Florent Pagny’s hair had disappeared due to chemotherapy, it must be believed that this was also the case with his eyebrows. This is why he made the choice to wear glasses for the semi-final of The Voice. Always with the humor that we knew him, he had justified this choice by the fact that he looked really sick without his eyelashes. His illness is now almost a thing of the past, so he can focus on his recovery and above all, on the music that helped him overcome this difficult ordeal in his life.

The glasses were therefore to somehow hide the eyelashes of Florent Pagny who had disappeared. You have to believe that this is the first time that the public sees him with such an accessory which, by the way, suits him rather well.